Awnings and Canopies

Awnings and canopies are a great addition to the outside of a home or business, both for decorative and practical purposes. At Murdoch Engineering, we provide expert professional services for all varieties of awnings and canopies.

What are Awnings?

An awning is an overhang that is attached to the outside wall of a building, usually above a window or entranceway. Awnings are common on both private residences and businesses including shops and restaurants. They have the potential to make a great first impression, whether they are simple and understated or function as a sign with the name and logo of a business displayed on them.

Types of Awnings

  • Fabric awnings – usually made from canvas, which is very strong and durable, or vinyl, which is waterproof and easy to clean. Fabric awnings are supported by a light metal structure.
  • Metal awnings – Usually made from aluminum, metal awnings are a long-lasting option for areas where snow and wind make fabric awnings impractical.
  • Internally lit awnings – Awnings with business information displayed on them are sometimes lit from the inside, making it easily visible to people passing by.
  • Retractable awnings – Retractable awnings can be pulled back flat against the wall. They can either be manual, which are opened by hand, or motorized, which are opened via a switch or remote control. They are more adaptable to bad weather than fixed awnings.
  • Different shapes and styles – Awnings can come in a variety of styles including dome awnings, which are dome-shaped, or spear awnings, which have spear-shaped support poles that extend past the fabric.
  • Tension Fabric Structures – Tension fabric structures, also called tensile fabric structures, are constructed using a rigid frame over which a sturdy fabric is tensioned in order to eliminate any creases in the fabric and provide critical structural support.

What are Canopies?

A canopy is an awning, typically fabric, with columns that allow it to extend away from a building, forming a covered entranceway. This is commonly seen at hotels or apartment buildings, and provides shelter from rain, snow or sun. A canopy can also form a large, covered outdoor area adjacent to a building, such as an outdoor area of a restaurant. A freestanding structure such as a gazebo can also be considered a canopy.

Portable Pop Up Canopies

Portable Pop up Canopies are an easy and popular choice for outdoor parties or events such as weddings or festivals. They are essentially a large outdoor tent, typically made of polyester fabric on a frame of aluminum or steel.

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