What are Billboards?

Billboards are large signs found in areas where they can be seen by a lot of people passing by, such as highways, railways, or cities with a lot of foot traffic. Billboards are typically only seen for a short time by passengers or pedestrians, so they work best when they have clear, easy to read messages, such as a logo with a slogan. It is also important that a billboard advertise a product or location that is relevant to that area.

Billboards can either be lit externally with lights attached to the top or bottom of the structure, or internally lit if it is a digital billboard. Digital billboards have certain advantages, such as being able to appear at specific times of the day, feature a moving image such as a countdown, or rotate through a series of different images.

What are Some Different Types of Billboards?

Billboards can be affixed to walls or rooftops, or stand on their own using large vertical columns, called monopoles. Monopole structures have several different variations, including:

  • Single Sided: The sign appears on one side of the structure and can be seen from only one direction.
  • Back to Back: Two signs are arranged back to back with the monopole in the center, and can be seen from both directions.
  • V-Shaped: Similar to the Back to Back design, except the two signs are set at an angle.
  • Stacked: The structure contains two signs with one on top of the other.
  • Centermount: The monopole is located at the center of the sign.
  • Full Flag: The monopole is located at one end of the sign.
  • Extended Flag: The vertical monopole is located away from the sign, attached by a second horizontal monopole.

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