Channel Letters and Sign Cabinets

Channel Signs and Sign Cabinets

What are Channel Letters?

Channel letters are custom-made three-dimensional letters or numbers used as signs for businesses. They are typically displayed above the entrance of a business, either outdoors or in an indoor mall.

  • Channel letters are typically made of molded plastic or aluminum, and can be any shape, size, or design the business requires, making them ideal for displaying a logo.
  • Channel letters can be lit from the outside in several ways. Exterior lights can be directed at the front of the letters, or the wall the letters are mounted on, which can be called back lighting or halo lighting.
  • Channel letters can also be lit from the inside, with LED lights or neon gas tubes. Neon signs are a common form of channel letter signs.
  • Channel letters can be flush mounted, or mounted directly to the building, or mounted on a structure known as a raceway that also contains the sign’s electrical components.

Channel letter signs are a great way to personalize your business and make an attractive, professional first impression to people passing by.

What are Sign Cabinets?

Sign cabinets are internally lit boxes used as signs. They can appear above the entrance of a business mounted directly to the wall, or on a pylon of any height. Sign cabinets are also called light boxes.

  • Sign cabinets are typically made from an aluminum frame and plastic face, and can be any size or shape.
  • Sign cabinets can be single-faced if mounted directly to a wall, or double-faced if mounted on a pylon.

Channel letter signs and sign cabinets are a personalized and eye-catching way to advertise your business. Murdoch Engineering provides high quality channel letters and sign cabinets and offers unparalleled service. We are licensed for sign and structural engineering in almost all 50 states. Contact us today to get started on your project.