High Rise Building Signs

High Rise Building Signs
40’ Tall H&M Letters (39’-6” Actual) @ 720’ Elev.

Become an Icon with High Rise Building Signs

High rise building signs (sometimes called High Rise ID Signage or High Rise ID Signs) are channel letter signs attached to the top or side of tall buildings, for example in cities. These signs become iconic city landmarks that are seen by millions of people each day, so it is important to use a sign and structural engineering company that will share your passion for getting it right. At Murdoch Engineering, we use only the best materials and methods for sign construction learned through years of experience, and make ourselves available to our clients at all times. This kind of dedication is necessary for a project of this scale.

Designing and Installing High Rise Building Signs

High rise building signs are typically made from channel letters, which are three-dimensional letters or numbers made of plastic or aluminum. These letters can be custom-made into any size, shape, or design, which makes them ideal for creating a personalized sign for a business.

  • Channel letters can either be lit from the outside via exterior lights, or from the inside with LED lights or neon gas tubes. Neon signs are a common example of channel letters.
  • Channel letters can either be mounted directly to the building, or on a structure called a raceway that also houses the sign’s electrical components.

High rise ID signs present a series of unique challenges. Installing a sign high above the crowded city streets requires various access permits, zoning ordinances, special equipment, and other safety measures. At Murdoch Engineering, we are experts in the challenges and requirements involved with high rise building signs, as evidenced by our work in creating the now iconic H&M sign at 4 Times Square in New York City.

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High rise building signs are an important responsibility, and should be trusted to a structural engineering company with knowledge and experience. We strive to create distinctive, attractive signs that our clients will be proud of, while also following the strict safety guidelines involved with city work. Contact us today to discuss your project.