NYC DOB (Department of Buildings) Applications

NYC DOB Applications

What is the NYC DOB?

The NYC DOB, or the New York City Department of Buildings, enforces the rules and regulations regarding buildings and construction sites in all five boroughs of New York City with a goal of ensuring the safety of workers, occupants, and the general public. Any construction project in NY involves permits, plans, and applications that must be reviewed and approved by the DOB. At Murdoch Engineering, we complete NYC DOB applications for our clients so they can focus on planning their project.

Useful NYC DOB Forms

Here are some common NYB DOB forms needed for construction projects. You can find the rest of their forms on their website.

The NYC DOB Applications Process

The process for completing and filing NYC DOB applications involves the following steps:

  • The application is pre-filed at the borough office.
    • The applicant submits the following application documents (3 copies of each) to the Department pre-filer:
      • The complete drawings and energy calculations for the project.
      • Asbestos forms.
      • A Plan/Work Application (PW1) Form with the proper attached schedules as necessary for the project.
    • The Department pre-filer reviews the provided application documents, estimates the cost, and enters the job information into the BIS, or Buildings Information System. The pre-filer then returns the application documents to the applicant.
  • The applicant gives the documents to the DOB cashier and pays the required fee. The cashier in turn gives the documents to the DOB’s Data Entry and Research (DEAR) department.
  • DEAR reviews the documents, enters the project details and gives the documents to a DOB Plan Examiner.
  • The Plan Examiner reviews the project to make sure it complies with zoning, egress, fire protection, and other requirements.
    • If the Plan Examiner approves the plan, they stamp the documents, enter approval status into the BIS, and gives the approved application back to the applicant to be perforated.
    • If they do not approve the plan, an objection sheet will be sent to the applicant, informing them of the problems with the project. The applicant will need to make an appointment to resolve the problems. This will be repeated until the application is approved.
  • The applicant brings the documents to the Record Room, where they are perforated by a clerk.
    • The applicant must microfilm the approved application. The clerk files the microfilm and returns the approved application to the applicant.
  • The applicant obtains a permit.
    • The applicant submits the approved application to the permit clerk, along with:
      • A signed and notarized PW2 Form.
      • A signed and notarized PW3 Form.
      • A check for $35.00.
      • A stamp confirming that the microfilm was filed.
    • The permit clerk confirms that the applicant has paid the proper fees and has the necessary insurance.
    • The permit clerk generates a permit and files the completed application in the Record Room.
  • If necessary, the applicant obtains a Certificate of Occupancy.

It is extremely important to make sure the NYC DOB application process has been followed completely and accurately to secure the success of your project. Contact Murdoch Engineering today to get started.