Here are some helpful tips for expediting your projects with Murdoch Engineering.

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General Tips

  1. Put your address on all drawings or provide in email
  2. Email subject line should read: “Project name, city & state”

Sign Detail Requirements

  1. Pylon Signs
    a. Tell us whether you’d prefer to use a ROUND or SQUARE POLE.
    b. Are there any size restrictions on the footing? YES/NO
    c. Do you prefer a ROUND or SQUARE SONOTUBE FOOTING?
    d. DIRECT EMBEDMENT or ANCHOR BOLT DESIGN? For anchor bolt provide base plate detail

  3. Wall Mounted Signs
    a. Tell us the WALL TYPE (EIFS with plywood, masonry, wood framing, etc.)
    b. Tell us the FASTENERS you’d like to use
    c. Height of top of sign from grade
    d. Do you have access to back of sign installation area? YES/NO

  5. Awning
    b. WALL TYPE that its attaching to
    c. BUILDING DIMENSIONS that it’s attaching to
    d. HEIGHT DIFFERENCE between top of awning and roof line
    e. Does it need to be freestanding? YES/NO
    f. Height of top of awning from grade
    g. Frame section detail including frame spacing
    h. Connection detail