Solar Panel Inspection & Roof Certification

solar panel inspection

Interested in Solar Panels on Your Roof?

Solar panels are being adopted by more people every year, and for good reason. For most homes, solar panels will pay for themselves in around 10 years and they are more environmentally friendly than conventional energy options. However, not all homes were designed with the idea that the roof might one day be housing a solar panel system. If you are interested in having solar panels installed on your roof, you will want to get a structural engineer to perform a solar panel inspection and do a structural assessment. They will then be able to provide a roof certification indicating if your roof is ready to bear the extra weight.

What to do Before a Solar Panel Inspection & Roof Certification

You don’t want an inexperienced installer working on a job like solar panel placement, so it’s important to find a company who has a proven track record. Decide on how many panels you want and where you want them. South-facing panels will typically provide better results, but there are many other factors to consider as well.

The slope of your roof will also factor into your solar panel plans. The more sloped the roof, the more specialized the necessary equipment will be. The material used on your roof will also change how difficult the process will be. Slate tiles and other specialized materials will raise the cost of installation as the installers will need to take extra care as to not damage the roof.

Ready for Solar Panel Inspection & Roof Certification?

\You’ve planned out your solar panel project and you’re ready to move forward. Before having the installers come, get the opinion of a structural engineer who can sign off that your roof meets the necessary structural requirements. Murdoch Engineering has structural engineers who are qualified to certify that your roof has passed a structural analysis and your solar panel design will work as planned.

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Installing solar panels can be a smart investment, but only if you make sure it won’t provide other expensive complications down the road. Contact the structural engineers at Murdoch Engineering today to schedule a solar panel inspection & roof certification assessment. We’ll determine if your roof is up to the task.