Special Inspections

Special Inspections

What are Special Inspections?

Construction can be stressful no matter what project you are trying to accomplish. When problems arise it can sometimes cause even more problems and then you end up paying more and spending more time to fix them. Wouldn’t it be better to just get everything done right from the beginning?

Chapter 17, Section 1702 in the 2006 version of the International Building Code describes Special Inspections as:

“Inspection as herein required of the materials, installation, fabrication, erection or placement of components and connections requiring special expertise to ensure compliance with approved construction documents and referenced standards.”

A Special Inspections program can greatly improve the quality assurance and control for all people involved in a construction job. Some of the benefits include proper usage and installation of construction materials that might require some expertise or greater understanding as well as providing clear communication between different construction groups. These inspections have been growing in recognition throughout the nation as more jurisdictions are taking the Chapter 17 requirements of the IBC seriously.

Who is involved in Special Inspections?

Special Inspections involve a number of important and specific roles. Projects can vary in scope, but some of the people that might be involved are:

  • Building code official – before project begins they will establish criteria for authorizing Special Inspections agencies and personnel by job type.
  • Owner – retains and funds a Special Inspections agency for a given project.
  • Design Professional – identifies components and work that will require inspections and states all requirements in the project documents
  • Special Inspector – observes and tests the work for conformity based on the approved construction documents

Although these inspections are defined in the IBC, the enforcement, processes, procedures and scope will differ depending on state, county or city. Simply confirm with your local construction and permit office. The New York City Special Inspections page has an extensive list of important information you will need for a construction project. Also be sure to look at their frequently asked questions for specifics.

Do I Need Special Inspections for my Sign Project?

In order to install a sign, you will need to receive a permit from the Department of Buildings. Before you can get the permit, you must have the location of the sign inspected to make sure it is up to code. Since any construction project these days requires special inspections to be properly vetted, you will of course need one for your sign project. There is some general information you should know about getting a permit for your sign project. If you would like to discuss how to set up inspections, contact us today.