Structural Home Inspection

structural home inspection

What is a Structural Home Inspection?

In a structural home inspection, a structural engineer is brought in to take a look at the overall condition and integrity of a home. The engineer must determine whether the structural elements (foundation, framing, etc.) were designed and built to accept the anticipated loads placed upon them and that they are continuing to function as intended. If the engineer is satisfied that all these elements make the home safe and livable, your home will pass the inspection. In most states, only a Professional Engineer is in a position to render an informed opinion regarding the structural integrity of a building.

Common Issues Found During a Structural Home Inspection

There are numerous structural issues that an engineer might find during a structural inspection, but there are a handful that are more common and should be remedied as soon as possible. Structural engineering services that can be provided by Murdoch Engineering, LLC include but are not limited to the following:

  • Reviewing Home Inspection Reports
  • Foundation Cracks Evaluation
  • Termite Damage Evaluation
  • Structural Design of Trusses, Headers and Beams
  • Sloping Floor Evaluation
  • Masonry Foundation Evaluation
  • Structural Changes made Without Permits

A report and/or drawings (when necessary) with a Professional Engineer’s seal will be generated identifying any problems with suggestions for repairs or specific repair designs.

Fees start at $500.00 with higher fees based on the size of the building, the problem and scope of the inspection. Structural inspects are available for both residential and commercial properties.

Need to Schedule a Structural Home Inspection?

The value of a structural inspection is wholly dependent on the experience and qualifications of the engineer performing it. At Murdoch Engineering, our structural engineers are experts in the business and will provide you with an in depth inspection and pinpoint any minor or major issues. Whether you are buying or selling a home or just haven’t had an inspection in many years, hiring an engineer to perform a structural home inspection is in your best interest. It is better to discover these problems while they can be easily solved than waiting for them to become major issues.

To schedule a structural home inspection with Murdoch Engineering, contact us today.